Corina Oprea

Reception Blue Teacher

My name is Corina Oprea and I always knew I was to be a teacher someday. I am starting my journey at Avenor this year and although I only have teaching experience in a non-formal environment, I feel fully supported by my team and excited.

I graduated from the Faculty of History at the University of Bucharest and also the pedagogy course from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and I plan to continue with my own education. I am currently working on my Art History dissertation thesis and seriously consider enrolling in Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty’s Primary and Preschool Pedagogy Programme. 

I believe that every human understands the world differently. We see the world, and through our own lenses we make it ours. We bring it inside with the good and the bad of it and it is of utmost importance that we do with both of them. I aspire to help the children build their own lenses through our activity together. Teach certainty, but not without questioning; curiosity, but not without caution; reality, but not without dream.

I have confidence in my creativity. I find leisure in my patience and strength in the warmth of my heart.

I pride myself in knowing some of the greatest and most unique stories of them all and cannot wait to share them with the kids. I am convinced that we will make a great team and great stories of our own.

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