Laura Andrei

Dance and Physical Education Teacher

My name is Laura, I am a professional choreographer, ballet teacher and dance instructor. I have been working as a dance teacher since 2014. Teaching is one of the most beautiful yet challenging thing for me. I love working with children, because they are full of energy, and I think that in this exchange of energies, both parties are learning on different levels. I think it’s more than a process of learning, it is about the time spent together, an educational process through a communication system that enfolds many layers of development.

Dancing means a lot to me. It is my daily job and at the same time a necessity, a way to feel free and detach myself from everything that means reality. Through dance I express myself best; when I go through harder moments, I find certain answers in movement, but also when I am happy, I dance.

I like to share my knowledge about dance, teach other people, show them what movement and dance mean, and guide them to a better understanding of their bodies.

Because I want to develop my skills and I am always looking for new experiences and to expand my range of knowledge, in 2020 I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at „Dimitrie Cantemir” University, achieving as well a certification in psycho-pedagogy training for teachers, first level. At this moment, besides the dance classes, I am developing my career with a Master’s Degree in Anglo-American Intercultural Studies.

After two years of collaboration with Avenor Nursery, this year I am joining the Avenor Team not only for ballet classes but also for physical education and movement classes. I am very thankful for this opportunity to meet and guide young artists.