Oana-Silvana Sofian

Piano Teacher
Club Coordinator

My name is Silvana Sofian and I am super excited to start my fourth year here, within the Avenor Nursery family.

The first 3 years I had the opportunity to work with the Reception and Year 1 children as a piano teacher, but this one comes with new challenges, as I will be in charge with coordinating the clubs as well. This new step comes as natural as possible, after working side by side with Miss Ioana Botez (the club coordinator) last year, during the most challenging and unpredictable year for education and not only. I embrace this new experience with a lot of enthusiasm and with the wish of outdoing myself in collaborating with my colleagues and the parents.

But, being a teacher is not what I do, it’s who I am, so with great joy and love I will continue teaching the little venorians that fell attracted to the amazing world of music, during my piano and music lessons as well.

The unbelievable energy and feedback from children, the unconditional and inexhaustible river of inspiration, love and hugs that you experience when you work with children made me realise a long time ago how honoured teachers are to have the chance to shape and teach little humans.

After living and teaching in three other countries (Spain, Panama and Costa Rica), I can definitely say that music makes the world better, connects people and helps us to express our feelings. It is scientifically proven that the brain is stimulated and develops entirely when we sing and play music, especially when we play an instrument.

So, I am very happy to be here, to continue my life journey in the Avenor family, as piano & music teacher and as club coordinator.