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12 Oct

Trăim vremuri care ne pun la încercare rutinele, profesiile, obiceiurile și credințele despre lume și viață. Un motiv îndeajuns de bun pentru ca Departamentul de Dezvoltare Personală al Avenor College să regândească formatul programului de parenting „Școala de Acasă”, în speranța că acesta va face ce știe el mai bine: să ofere un cadru online […]

02 Dec

Harmony within our own homes seems to be somewhat of a Holy Grail, especially when we have pre-school children in our families. The natural state of mess, noise and high level of energy which contributes to the healthy development of toddlers sometimes contradicts the parents’ wishes of peace, quiet and harmony. But rest assured, all […]

13 May

I challenge you to stop and think for a moment. Is self-confidence an innate skill which comes delivered as a gift from your child’s biological heritage or is it developed and shaped by life experiences, interactions with significant people and ongoing practice? Our jobs as education specialists and parents would be so much easier if […]

20 Jan

Many parents are confronted with challenges around meal times with their children. Phases such as refusing to eat or ‘fussy eating’ are yet again ways in which children manifest their need for independence. A child’s eating habits become an issue when they are causing him/her negative feelings or when the child is not eating enough […]