Our scholarship students reunited for one last time this school year to create their end-of-year video project called “Our New World”. They used Zoom to meet and brainstorm, Google Sheets to plan and organise and their digital skills to create a video on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on a personal and global level. We invite you to read more about the making of this project.

Hello, Avenorians!

We, the scholarship students, would like to present our final project for this academic year, called “Our New World”. This project was a challenge which we fiercely overcame during such hard times, as we made the best out of our friendship and strength.

The idea originated from wanting to feel even more like a community than we already did during each and every of our school days. We were missing each other, to tell the truth, we were missing working together, helping each other out, meeting in the Cafeteria and coming up with ideas. We decided we wanted to create something that shows the spirit of our unity and hopefully helps more people by spreading positivity.

At the beginning of May, each of us received an invitation for a Zoom meeting, at the time neither knowing how much these weekly meetings would impregnate our routine. Since the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to be “on trend” recently, we put our heads together in order to create an enjoyable video with both our own experiences and the global impact the virus has had. Maybe the pandemic also got out the best in people, right? 

With the help of our amazing teachers, we managed to organise on multiple Google Sheets the steps of the project we were so eager to create. Description, creation, themes, questions, durations and impact were only some of the titles our files had. 

It was decided that we would split the video into 6 main parts: nature, family, community, adapting to the new reality, consumption and business & economy. Each student chose the one or two themes they wanted to talk about and so the smaller teams were created. In order for the video not to be too long, each theme/ team only had 1 minute and a few seconds to answer three theme-related questions. In the smaller teams, we organised Zoom meetings whenever we had some spare time, mostly during the weekend and so made a layout of what we wanted to talk about and who would answer each question. Using technology, we filmed our answers and edited all the small clips into a bigger one, using the knowledge of some of the other students as well.

In our own way, we all enjoyed working on this project and creating it. We all got to do and talk about things we enjoy or interest us. Some of us got to talk about the importance of family, others about the global impact on nature, others got to edit and do digital drawings for the project’s poster. 

It felt great to be reunited after the hard times all of us faced. It felt great to be reminded that there’s always a community that has our back no matter what and it was great to say goodbye to an amazing academic year, even though it was not what we were used to. 

We really hope you will enjoy our video, manage to look at the full half of the glass and stay safe and healthy with your loved ones.


The Avenor Scholarship Students