It’s close to mid-October and so, at Avenor Nursery, children are attending their own personalised selection of co-curricular clubs. Because we believe in cultivating curiosity in all our students, children from all the groups have the possibility of attending clubs that are age-appropriate, challenging and go beyond the curriculum.

After having benefited from a 2-week trial period, children have now settled into their routines and are able to expand their range of concepts, competencies and character traits with each club session.

The 7 curricular areas of experience that are relevant for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Statutory Framework for Key Stage 1, Year 1 have found their match in the Avenor Nursery co-curriculars.

So for children who love building on their independent life skills and wish to work on their physical development, clubs such as Fun Aerobic, Ballet, Fitness Kids, Music & Movement, Ball Games, Zumba, Martial Arts, Multisport Junior, Delicious Delights and Woodwork are just the thing!

If you feel that their personal, social and emotional development could benefit from some extra time, go for clubs such as Talk to Me, Outdoor Free-Play, Drama & Theatre, Project Managers, S.D.G.s!

Communication & Language and Literacy are keys to most of our daily challenges and clubs such as Communication through English, Jolly Phonics, Storytellers, Read, Write & Illustrate and I Can Speak Romanian facilitate children’s development of speech, discourse and reading & writing skills.

Connecting with their inner artist is one of children’s ways of finding out more about themselves and the world, so co-curriculars such as Feel the Music, Piano Club, Creative Techniques and Painting Styles provide enabling environments for just that.

Mathematics is part of our lives and constitutes a passion for some children. Should this be the case for your child, opt for clubs such as Mathletics, Mind Lab, Mind Twisters and Chess and ensure learning about shapes, colours, numbers, patterns, problem-solving and reasoning in a fun and interactive manner.

We all aim to understand the world we live in and because of that, children at Avenor Nursery can choose to attend clubs such as S.T.E.M., Globetrotters, Tech Savvy, Nature Detectives, Planting & Growing and Wacky Wednesdays where the world is revealed to them from different perspectives.

Having said all that, at least one essential conclusion can be drawn: learning happens wherever the child is. In the classroom during curricular activities. Outdoors for learning outside of the classroom initiatives. During co-curricular clubs that encourage the pursuit of personal interests and build on early career orientation.

Ioana Botez


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Club Coordinator