Class Dojo is a simple, safe classroom management tool that helps teachers encourage students in class, and easily communicate with parents. It is without any doubts one of the teachers’ favourite classroom tool!

We use Class Dojo because managing our classrooms is easier than ever before. We can encourage students with positivity without taking away from class time, and parents are kept in the loop automatically. What I would like to point out is the fact that when using Class Dojo we encourage not only positive behaviour but also academic performance. Every day we give feedback to students for skills such as participating, working hard, original ideas, speaking English, good answers, being creative and persistent. Students love getting this sort of positive feedback. Our relationships with parents are much stronger now and they also love Class Dojo. They can sign in and see how their child is doing anytime as progress updates are automatic! We can instantly message with parents, including sharing photos from class. Having parents on board is extremely helpful for me and my students!

Here are a few messages that I personally received from them:

“Thank you for this initiative!!! It is great to see parents invited to join this platform … I know my son and his colleagues love everything related to Dojo – how they win / what they win etc. I believe you are motivating kids in a fascinating way!”

“Having a dialogue between the teacher and the parent is very helpful in understanding various situations and reacting properly, and Class Dojo certainly helps here!”

For different reasons, some people are not in favour of using reward systems in children’s education. Some parents may say that with or without Class Dojo children will still be on task, participate and work hard because they are curious and have an innate desire to learn. I couldn’t agree more! At the same time, we are all different, we have different learning styles, we enjoy different activities, we have different hobbies, we are unique! When different beautiful characters meet five days per week in the same place, having the same learning goals, classroom management skills are essential to the smooth and efficient running of any classroom. Teachers do their best to inspire their students to love learning, to help them realize their full potential so they can grow up and be the greatest people they can be. I cannot imagine a single parent who would want anything different for his child. Therefore, as we all have the same aim when it comes to our children’s education, I invite both parents and teachers to trust each other when it comes to deciding what is best for their children at home and at school.

Class Dojo is not about giving children something for nothing it is about praising and encouraging them to perform. With Class Dojo children feel recognized, stay engaged and have a lot of fun together!