First internship experience for our high school students

Our high school students had an exciting first internship experience this year. They had the opportunity of spending 9 days in different workplaces, understanding how a business works, and learning about teamwork, challenges, passion, enthusiasm and the entrepreneurial mindset. They summarised their workplace experiences in a presentation for classmates, teachers and parents.

Daniel (Grade 9) and Mihai (Grade 10) are both interested in investment and went on an internship at Erste Group. They saw how professional investors deal with real-life situations, they learned how to think critically and analytically about a company, calculate complicated indicators, assess the risks and threats. All of this gave them an insight and the right mindset to pursue their passion to university.

Damian, Mihai and Lavinia (grade 10) wanted to know more about working in the hospitality industry and had an internship at the Novotel. All of them learned a great deal about the industry and also about human nature, as they dealt directly with customers.

Ilie, Florin and Cezar (Grade 10) couldn’t be present at the event but sent video messages in which they described their internship experiences.

Ilie went to the stationery and office supplies company Dacris. He learned a lot about online business models, how to find profitable products, online marketing techniques, good communication with partners and clients and successful teamwork.

Florin also had an internship at Dacris and appreciated learning about the company and as well as the entrepreneurial attitude.

Cezar went to “Teatrul vienez de copii” and said that most exciting for him was being able to improvise and create scenes together with the children, an experience that taught him a lot and left a lasting impression on him.

Alex D. (Grade 10) and Maria (Grade 9) spent their internship in an advertising and marketing company (23 Communication Ideas) where they received the task of creating a product and advertising it. They chose to create and promote a music festival. They said the most challenging part was to come up with a unique and relevant name for their event, but the whole experience opened their mind to different areas of advertising and convinced them that this was the field they want to learn more about in the future.

Alexia and Alex G. (Grade 10) visited two architecture and design studios (AR Design and Latitude by Manasc Isaac) and an interior design company. They had very good experiences at Latitude by Manasc Isaac, where they were able to create a 3D model of our school and also help the architects design the back garden of their own offices.

Selin (Grade 10) went to the medical centre Proestetica and to a paediatric emergency hospital. After experiencing the emergency room at the hospital, she went into the laboratory where blood is analysed, this experience confirmed what she wanted to pursue as her career choice in medicine: research.

Deniz (Grade 10) went to a fashion magazine (Elle) and a fashion designer’s studio (Cristina Săvulescu). She had an inspiring experience at the designer’s studio that convinced her that this is what she wants to do in the future.

Ana (Grade 9) visited an animal rescue foundation, Fundatia Visul Luanei and a beauty and dermatology centre (Miko). She learned about the challenges and daily responsibilities of animal rescuers and appreciated the knowledge-sharing with the beauticians and dermatologists from Miko.

Tudor, Rareș and Vlad (Grade 9) had a very diverse internship, visiting 6 workplaces in 10 days. A technology company, Terrasigna, the Ecological University, recycling company GreenGroup, the Physics Faculty, auto company Midocar and the pharma company Larofarm. They got valuable insights from all these places: learning about electromagnetic fields, pollution and recycling, electricity and circuits, auto dealership and services, fabricating and packaging medical products.

Vanessa (Grade 9) also had different experiences during her internship. She went to Dacris, in the HR department, she also spent a day at furniture company Sensio, learning about production details and how to deal with customers. At Avenor Nursery, Vanessa focused on PSHE and discovered how teachers encourage children to communicate and express their emotions. From the experience at design company AR Design, Vanessa enjoyed most learning practical skills, like making the plan of a room using a software programme. Spending time in a psychotherapy office taught her not to judge people and joining Simona Gureșu for a day made her appreciate the unique way in which Simona links psychology and interior design.