Avenor Nursery is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and by the British Department for Education (DfE) after meeting all the British School Overseas (BSO) standards. Avenor Nursery runs according to the Early Years Foundation Stage sets of teaching and learning standards and Statutory Framework for Y1 and the language that we use is English.

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The Curriculum for Avenor Nursery promotes learning through games and play. Avenor Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) set of learning, development and care standards for 2 to 5 years old.

Four guiding principles shape practice in our setting. These are:

  • Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.
  • Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
  • Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and/or carers.
  • Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

Learning experience

Learning outside of the classroom

We believe that Education is best, when what we learn in the classroom translates into the real world. The process of connecting children’s learning with real life starts at a very young age through spontaneous or adult-led experiences and is helpful in building relevant pieces of our lives.

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Child initiated

We believe that children are deeply engaged with high levels of wellbeing when they have autonomy. Consequently, we encourage them to engage in self-initiated pursuits and we recognise and respect a child’s purpose.

At Avenor Nursery we keep a balance between child initiated and adult le…

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Unique child approach

We welcome and value the uniqueness of each child. We understand and respect what each child brings into the setting in terms of their own culture, language, type of family, beliefs as well as their funds of knowledge. We take time to develop relationships with each child in order to respond to t…

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Our offer of co-curricular clubs is diverse, but also highly specialised. The activities that complement the curriculum are designed taking into account the needs and interests expressed by children, the feedback communicated by the community of parents and school’s mission and vision. Designed as extensions of our curriculum, the Avenor Nursery clubs cover all the areas of learning.

Physical Development

What about improving your child’s fine and gross motor skills, to keep healthy by exercising or to just blow off some steam after a day full of learning? All children need to move, run and consolida…
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Expressive Arts & Design

Is your child interested in exploring different ways and environments through which he/she has the chance to tap into their creativity and artistic potential? Art is a gateway towards a harmonious per…
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Understanding the World

Do you find it interesting to increase your child’s understanding related to the world in which he/she lives in? To decrypt the way in which the natural world works, but also how to make things work…
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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Would you like your child to become more self-aware and self-confident, to reflect on their own feelings and behaviours in order to better manage them and to develop healthy relationships? Then these …
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Is your child passionate about numbers, patterns and algorithms? Or maybe you would like them to understand the use of mathematics in everyday life. Mathematics clubs are here to transport your child …
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Communication & Language and Literacy

Would you like your child to practise communication, to build on his/her literacy skills or to expand vocabulary and language? Or maybe your child is a natural communicator and thrives in speaking, li…
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Personal Development

As a prime area of development, the personal, social and emotional development of children in Avenor Nursery is monitored closely by class teachers qualified in early development and education, as well as by the counsellors.

In Avenor Nursery we believe that building and maintaining positive relationships with parents is a priority in supporting each child’s individual learning pathway.

Nursery events

The Avenor Nursery events are an extension of the curricular activities in the classroom, as well as an opportunity to deepen concepts, such as friendship, the importance of living in a safe and healthy environment and caring for the environment. At the same time, an important focus of the events is the continual strengthening of the Avenor community to co-create together the best future for each of us: children, parents and teachers.


Teachers’ Day

This event is a wonderful occasion to celebrate our teachers. Together with the students, we prepare for the teachers an unforgettable day, with surprises and gratitude.


Friendship Week

September begins with Friendship Week, an event that promotes the concept of friendship and helps children consolidate friendships from previous years in order to build new relationships at the beginn…
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Avenor Forest Run

Organized at the end of the first month of school, Avenor Forest Run promotes the movement as a lifestyle and aims to raise funds for charitable projects.


Autumn Bazaar

October introduces the Autumn Bazaar to celebrate autumnal crops. Parents are invited to serve the morning snack on the straw bales with their children and to take part in themed activities together i…
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Anti Bullying Awareness Days

Anti-Bullying Days invites the entire community to reflect on the small steps each of us can make in the direction of promoting respect and addressing effectively bullying incidents.


Book Days

At Avenor College, we value books and celebrate them each year. The Book Days event is the perfect opportunity for Avenor children to discuss their favourite books and characters, create projects arou…
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Romania’s National Day

Every year, Romania’s National Day reminds children about what it means to live in Romania through wearing national costumes or elements of traditional Romanian outfits throughout the day, creating …
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Winter Show

At the end of the calendar year, the children offer parents an artistic gift in a festive set-up. The Winter Show brings heart-warming moments to the stage and is packed full with lots of laughter and…
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Christmas Carollers Gathering

The Christmas Carollers’ Gathering brings the children, parents and teachers together to listen to carols accompanied by a guitar within a family atmosphere, bells chime and the sound of children’…
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Work in Progress

Work in Progress is all about art, colour and vision. Each year, the Work in Progress Exhibition also includes Year 1’s artwork which is exhibited annually for one week in an art gallery. At the sam…
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Career Week

Career Week represents an important occasion for the children to learn more about different jobs. During the event, parents have one more opportunity to actively involve by receiving the nursery child…
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Earth Day

Earth Day dictates a dress code in the nursery: we all wear green to express our concern for nature in a symbolic setting. Children are also involved in various activities aimed to express their care …
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Piano Recital

The Piano Recital focuses on all of the children who are enrolled in the piano club. After half-term, the little pianists have the opportunity to perform in front of their parents, teachers and classm…
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Egg Hunt

Just before the Spring Holiday, the children go on a special mission to find as many Easter eggs as possible which have been hidden by the Easter Bunny in the nursery’s playground.


Healthy & Safety Week

The importance of living in a safe and healthy environment is learned from an early age. Health & Safety Week aims to provide children not only an informational framework by sustaining interactive…
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Trinkets for Mothers

Spring arrives along with Trinkets for Mothers. Following the ‘Mărțișor’ tradition, the children together with their mothers work in partnership to create the most beautiful of trinkets.


Fun Week

Fun Week is eagerly awaited and things begin to take on a whole new vibe: from arranging hair in the craziest ways, wearing pyjamas during the day and enjoying a pyjama party, posing for photographs w…
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Children’s Day

Children’s Day represents a great opportunity to celebrate childhood by organising a party on the nursery’s playground.


Cultural Celebration Day

Cultural Celebration Day is the biggest event of our Avenor Community and represents the perfect occasion for children, parents and teachers to celebrate multiculturalism together. The parents are the…
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Summer Show

At the end of each year the children take part in music, dance and theatrical shows. The parents are invited to enjoy their children’s performances and to celebrate their artistic talent together.

Nursery team

Alexandra Dume

Reception Green Teacher

Ana Olivia Lăzărescu

Substitute Teacher

Anamaria Naftan

Nursery Green Teacher

Anca Hăulică

Nursery Blue Teacher

Aneta Toader

Nursery Blue Teacher

Christiana Kalantzi

Year 1 Blue Teacher

Corina Oprea

Reception Blue Teacher

Daniela Stăvaru

Year 1 Blue Teacher

Iuliana Condrea

Year 1 Green Teacher

Maria – Diana Petre

Nursery Green Teacher

Oana Cârlan

Nursery Blue Teacher & Counselor

Oana Ștefan

Year 1 Green Teacher

Oana-Silvana Sofian

Piano Teacher

Paige Gould

Literacy Teacher

Simona Stîngă

Year 1 Teacher

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Summer School

The summer school program – Avenor Summer Expeditions – is designed for our students, but also for children outside the Avenor community. The purpose of summer school is to provide a fun educational experience that is constantly updated and rethought to meet children’s interests and social change. The official language of the summer school is English.

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Frequently asked questions

Avenor Nursery has been accredited since June 2011.

Avenor students can transfer or continue their studies in our school or any other school (public or private) that operates legally in the Romanian educational system.

In 2018 Avenor Nursery also became successfully accredited as a British School Overseas (BSO), following a rigorous inspection. The report can be found on our site.

For Nursery, the main language for teaching is English (both Romanian and native teachers).

Avenor Nursery runs according to the Early Years Foundation Stage sets of teaching and learning standards and Statutory Framework for Y1 and the language that we use is English. Our core group of teachers are very good English speakers, and children also receive lessons with a native English teacher. The educational philosophy is based on the unique child approach. 

Children learn through “structured play”, which means that most of the activities in Nursery and Reception are perceived by children as playing, however this is not just a random play, it is one where the activities are selected and organised so that children achieve the educational objectives in a pleasant and effortless way.

We accept children as young as 2 years old. Potty training is not a requirement; we actually assist children and advise parents through this process.

  • Online Registration form, Enrolment Request form, GDPR form;
  • Schooling contract;
  • Copies of the parents’ identification documents;
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • Medical file (Avenor Medical Record, medical certificate from the paediatrician (aviz epidemiologic), medical certificate for joining colectivity (adeverință de intrare în colectivitate) and a vaccination record.
  • For a better nursery school to home coordination, we kindly ask that every child bring a school bag containing at least: 

    • The morning snack;
    • One complete change of clothes which has to be checked every day;
    • Nappies, wet wipes (if necessary);
    • Sun lotion and hats for the summer;
    • Gloves and ski equipment during wintertime;
    • Equipment for rainy days (raincoat and wellies).

    There is no need for a towel, since we only use disposable paper towels in order to ensure we have the best hygiene practices. 

    At the entrance in the nursery school, the child will need to change into slippers with the child’s name written on them. Every Monday, the children registered for the afternoon program need to bring pyjamas. On Fridays, they will be sent home to be washed.

From time to time, “accidents” may happen. Children tend to become very involved in what they do and forget to go to the toilet until the last moment. We don’t make a big deal of it, but we reassure them that incidents like this can occur and we explain how they need to deal with them: “In the future, maybe we should go earlier to the toilet in order to avoid this from happening again”. Please ensure that each child has in his school bag one complete change of clothes.

We have a well thought-out induction procedure, aimed at helping children adjust to school at their own pace. Before the beginning of a new school year, the parents of the children who are joining our community for the first time are invited to an individual meeting with the class teachers in order to discuss the appropriate steps for the adjustment period.

It is a gradual process that involves increasing the time the child spends in school from one day to the next. If a child cannot be convinced to keep quiet or calm down, we will call you right away on the emergency telephone number you’ll be asked to give us before you leave.

At the beginning of every year, during the first parent teacher meeting, the class teachers will explain the steps of the learning process according to each age group. our child’s main educator will also send information about the general theme (which is followed for 4 weeks) as well as the educational objectives, including specific activities for different developmental areas which can be further explored at home.

At the end of the day, one of the class teachers will offer feedback about the child’s day and can also make recommendations.

Every week the class teachers have an allocated time for Parent – Teacher Consultations and parents can make an appointment to discuss any concerns they may have with regards to their child’s education.

In the registration form, besides other contact numbers, an emergency telephone number will be required. If a child gets sick the parent will be contacted on the emergency number to come and take the child from the nursery school.

We are a nursery that believes that any sensorial experiences have an essential role in the development process of every child. Daily, we use various types of glue, colours, materials and substances as well as the children having access to all different types of equipment with varying consistencies to allow for an educational and enjoyable learning environment. Children are encouraged to wear aprons during the activities, but this doesn’t mean that they will not stain their clothes. That’s why we advise to dress children in plain, practical clothes, so that they can fully enjoy all this range of activities.

During the initial period of adjustment, a child can bring a “comfort toy”, which can help during this time. Generally, we discourage children from bringing toys, jewellery or any other objects into the nursery school, because these can be lost or damaged.

Food restrictions, or any allergies, will be written in the medical file completed by the paediatrician and forwarded to the medical staff. The weekly menu can be found on the Avenor website and is updated every Friday in order to be checked by the parents and inform us about the possible changes. Sometimes we might call the parents and ask for their advice regarding some foods that the child might be allowed to eat or not.

The transition out of diapers depends on a certain degree of independence that children reach in their own time. The nursery school accepts this as a normal part of the child’s personal, social and emotional development. At the same time, we encourage a consistent communication with the home environment, essential to help the child go through this whole process.

Children starting nursery school for the first time normally need a gradual adjustment period. The adjustment process depends both on the child’s and the parents’ attitude. On a case by case basis, after talking to you and observing the child, our teachers can recommend whether the child should start on a short program and increase it gradually, or whether they can begin with a normal schedule.

Our teachers constantly observe how children learn and keep track of these observations. According to these observations which includes the child’s attendance, the teacher will be able to apply diagnostic and evaluative assignments in order to test and progress your child. When giving feedback to children, teachers take great care of the manner they express themselves, avoiding firm negative criticism, in order to not affect the child’s confidence and creativity. However, teachers will give constructive criticism where necessary in order to guide the learner towards greater future achievement.

At Avenor we encourage behavior for learning (any type of behavior that promotes learning, such as: asking lots of questions, exploring all of the areas of experience, getting involved in activities, investigating, keeping on trying, making mistakes, offering feedback, asking for help)

Some of the tools that we use to encourage behavior for learning and manage behaviour in Avenor Nursery are:

– Positive Verbal Feedback.

– Class Rules.

– Star of the Week.

– Show and Tell. 

– Classroom encouragement systems (with age – appropriate steps options, such as, outstanding, excellent effort, good day, ready to learn, make better choices, teacher’s choice).

Another method we use to empower children to think about the consequences of their actions is “stop and think”. The child has to stop from any activity and discuss face-to-face either with the teacher or with the counsellor about “the incident” – not in a certain place, not with a certain person, so that the child does not associate the person or the place with the idea of “punishment”.

Yes, Avenor Nursery offers online sessions. There will be situations which will impose staying at home for long periods of time (minimum 2 weeks) throughout the year, e.g.: isolation – Covid related, official lockdown decided by the authorities, long term recovery times after accidents, long term isolation/recovery for serious medical affections etc. For all the above situations children will have the option to benefit from a distance learning programme including: online zoom sessions according to the schedule as well as an Individual Learning Pack with resources sent home, individual Zoom meetings (based on teachers availability), as well as co-curricular synchronous learning with on-site and online children.

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